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Parker's Heritage Collection

Each year as part of the Parker's Heritage Collection, we select a special whiskey to be released in the name of our late Master Distiller Parker Beam. The barrels selected for this series include Bourbon, Rye, and Wheat Whiskeys, among others, and are some of the finest and most diverse American Whiskeys ever produced. They are a fitting tribute to the expertise of Parker Beam.

Proof: Varies by Release
Age: Varies by Release

Learn More about the Current Edition

The first ever Rye Whiskey of the Parker's Heritage Collection, the 13th edition consists of 75 specialty barrels that were charred for a full minute and a half, as opposed to our traditional 40 seconds. These "Level 5" barrels were aged for 8 years, 9 months on the seventh floor of Rickhouse Y. There, the heavier char allowed the whiskey to penetrate further into the barrel, extracting deep notes of spice and wood, and resulting in an elevation of the spicy, distinctive character of our traditional Rye Whiskey mashbill. It is bottled without chill filtration at 105 proof.

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13th Edition Tasting Notes

  • Color: Deep copper
  • Nose: Chocolate & smoke
  • Taste: Rich smooth; honey sweetness and big spices; dry tannins accentuate the rye character especially the pepper notes; beautifully balanced
  • Finish: Very long & warm.

The Different Levels of Barrel Char

Barrels are charred for specific lengths of time to create the desirable aromatic compounds and chemical changes that occur when intense heat hits the oak. Click on the staves below to learn more about each level:

Barrel Char

Char Level 1 15 seconds

This short char time leads to a lot of interaction between the liquid and the natural tannins present in American white oak. This style is not used by whiskey distilleries for long-term aging, but sometimes they become finishing barrels. Most often, they're used for beer and wine production.

Barrel Char

Char Level 2 30 seconds

Barrels charred for shorter amounts of time tend to show more fruit esters and lactones, which provide woody, coconut qualities. Level 2 barrels are typically not used for aging whiskey, as they haven’t had enough heat exposure to break down the oak’s hemicellulose into the delicious wood sugars that lend caramel and toffee flavors.

Barrel Char

Char Level 3 40 seconds

This is the standard barrel Heaven Hill Distillery uses to age our whiskey portfolio, providing the perfect balance between spice, sweetness, smoke, and flavorful vanillins. The black char layer on top acts as a natural charcoal filter, removing undesirable compounds, while the caramelized "red layer" underneath infuses the spirit with rich, varied aromatics and dark color.

Barrel Char

Char Level 4 50-60 seconds

This is a commonly used barrel that's also known as "alligator char," due to the cracked, shiny pattern that emerges from longer exposure to the flame. These barrels provide strong vanilla flavor as well as an increased presence of phenolic compounds, the aromatics that characterize wood smoke.

Barrel Char

Char Level 5 90 seconds

Barrels charred this long are not normally offered by cooperages, and ours were specially crafted for this edition of the Parker’s Heritage Collection. They feature deep fissures that occur when the heat causes the wood to peel away from the barrel. These cracks allow the liquid to easily move back and forth into the staves, providing even more interaction with both caramelized and uncharred oak.

Parker's Heritage Collection Editions

13th edition

2019 13th Edition

Heavy Char Rye WhiskeyProof: 105

12th edition

2018 12th Edition

Orange Curaçao FinishProof: 110

11th edition

2017 11th Edition

11 Year-Old Single Barrel Proof: 122

10th edition

2016 10th Edition

24 Year-Old
Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon Proof: 100

9th edition

2015 9th Edition

Malt Whiskey Proof: 108

8th edition

2014 8th Edition

Original Batch
Wheat Whiskey Proof: 127.4, 126.8

7th edition

2013 7th Edition

Promise of Hope Proof: 96

6th edition

2012 6th Edition

Blend of Mashbills Proof: 131.6, 133.2, 137.9, 139.4

5th edition

2011 5th Edition

Cognac Finish Proof: 100

4th edition

2010 4th Edition

Wheated Bourbon Proof: 127.8, 124.2

3rd edition

2009 3rd Edition

Golden Anniversary Proof: 100

2nd edition

2008 2nd Edition

27-Year-Old Proof: 96

1st edition

2007 1st Edition

Cask Strength Proof: 122.6, 127.4, 129.6

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