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Whiskey Preference: It's a Matter of Taste

Want to find out where your taste leads you? Use our Match Your Taste tool below to find the whiskey that's right for you. Just select your complexity, flavor, and color preferences from the corresponding circles. Then hit calculate to find out which Heaven Hill Distillery product is the closest match.

Match Your Taste

Outer Dial: Complexity
Middle Dial: Flavor
Inner Dial: Color

Light Complexity

Robust Complexity


Use the three dials to choose your complexity, flavor, and color preferences on the tasting wheel, then hit calculate to find your perfect whiskey.

There's no shortage of opinions about whiskey-how to drink it, whether one is just decent or worth waiting for in line, or whether to pair it with food or sip it alone. You name it, drinkers discuss it. Whether the source is a Master Distiller, reviewer or perpetually enthused whiskey wonk, such sentiments can be entertaining or educational. Ever emanating from YouTube, social media or the drinker on the bar stool next to yours, spirits lovers will have their say. Yet despite those judgments, the fact is there’s no right or wrong way to choose a whiskey. That every drinker has a different palate means all opinions are inescapably subjective-which usually makes discussing whiskey a lot of fun.

What's increasingly obvious across the spectrum of spirits fans is a desire to know more about what's in their glasses. Whether it's the story behind a brand, the mashbill from which that whiskey was fermented, or the age and rickhouse location that developed its flavors, drinkers crave details. Having whiskey information is now part of the drinking experience.

To assess a whiskey's intense aroma, hold the glass just below your nose, part your lips and inhale slowly through your mouth. Identify any aromas present-there are no wrong answers, so say what comes to mind-and then sip the spirit. Let the whiskey move around your mouth for at least 10 seconds and notice how its flavors change across the palate as it moves from front to back. Swallow and enjoy its pleasant warmth.

In nosing and tasting different whiskeys, drinkers will learn how a wheated mashbill yields a softer spirit, while rye adds spice and a little heat, and how a deeper barrel char and extended aging adds power to classic Bourbon. Best of all, you'll gain an even better idea of what whiskeys you like and why. After all, it's just a matter of taste.

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