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Heaven Hill Heritage Collection

Heaven Hill Heritage Collection

We're proud to introduce a new collection of extra-aged, ultra-premium American Whiskeys to our portfolio. The Heaven Hill Heritage Collection exemplifies the true craftsmanship, patience and consistency that are hallmarks of our 85+ years of whiskey-making traditions. With new editions released every spring, this collection features Straight American Whiskeys from one of our six traditional mashbills. Ages vary by release but all editions feature our oldest stocks of barrels.

Proof: Varies by Release
Age: Varies by Release


The 2023 release of the Heaven Hill Heritage Collection is a 20-year-old Corn Whiskey. Bottled without chill filtering, this 115 proof whiskey showcases our traditional corn mashbill of 80% corn, 8% rye and 12% malted barley. The collection uniquely shares in-depth liquid and production information on the label for added transparency. This release’s label highlights the rickhouse and floor where barrels were pulled from. Attributes on the label will vary by release.


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20-Year-Old Tasting Notes

  • Color: Deep gold
  • Nose: Toasted corn and oak spices
  • Taste: Aged oak and walnuts
  • Finish: Wood spices with hints of corn sweetness
Heaven Hill

About the Heaven Hill
Heritage Collection

Over many years, we have been quietly aging some exquisite whiskeys for a new series within our Heaven Hill Distillery portfolio. Of our 1.9 million barrels resting across six rickhouse sites in central Kentucky, our master craftspeople have kept watchful eyes on this limited stock.

Heaven Hill

We’ve pulled from our special stock of barrels twice before. First in 2018 for the premium, extra-aged Heaven Hill 27-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon, and again in 2020 for a special 85th Anniversary bottling. The success of these two releases inspired us to create the Heaven Hill Heritage Collection. With this exclusive collection, we are now able to share our oldest whiskeys with you each year.

The Heaven Hill Heritage Collection's 1st Edition is so much better than Pappy Van Winkle, it’s staggering.


A Unique Label

2022 Release

2023 Release

Uniqe Label image

For added transparency, every bottle
in the Heaven Hill Heritage Collection
will bear a label that shares in-depth
liquid and production information.
The exact details will change with
each collection.

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The requirements for corn whiskey, distilled from a mash of at least 80% corn, are unlike any other straight whiskey. While there is no age requirement, if aged it must be done in one of two ways: either in a used, charred oak barrel, or a new oak barrel that has never been charred. This release highlights the best qualities of our traditional corn whiskey mashbill.

Rickhouses Sites

In total, we pulled 110 barrels from the third floor of rickhouse 1K. Located on the same campus as our historic Bernheim Distillery, 1K is one of the seven brick rickhouses at Heaven Hill made from brick. Together they hold 415,787 barrels.

Age Statement

This release is comprised of 20-year-old barrels, produced in October of 2002, and bottled in October of 2022.

Production Details

Distilled Spirits Plant (D.S.P.) KY-1 is our Bernheim Distillery in Louisville and our bottling plant in Bardstown is D.S.P. KY-31.

he Barrel Breakdown

The Barrel

We have more than 55 rickhouses where we age our American Whiskey. For this release of the Heaven Hill Heritage Collection, we pulled barrels from the third floor of Rickhouse 1K. On the same campus as our historic Bernheim Distillery, 1K is one of a few brick rickhouses at Heaven Hill Distillery.

The Heritage

As nurturers and preservers of American Whiskey, we believe in keeping whiskey-making traditions alive through our ultra-premium, limited-edition collections. The Heaven Hill Heritage Collection is complementary to our celebrated, more innovative counterpart, the Parker’s Heritage Collection. Together, these offerings form the Heritage Collections. Here is how they compare.

Heaven Hill Heritage Collection

Heaven Hill Heritage Collection

  • Released every spring
  • Classic and traditional
  • Typically 15 years or older
Parker’s Heritage Collection

Parker’s Heritage Collection

  • Released every fall
  • Innovative
  • Typically 8 years or older

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