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Five Brothers Bourbon

This Small Batch Bourbon is a callback to the beginnings of Heaven Hill's award-winning portfolio and pays homage to the five founding brothers. Featuring our traditional Bourbon mashbill, it is bottled at 90 proof and aged from five to nine years to represent each founding brother. The most striking detail of the premium bottle is the face label feature of a black and white photo of the five Shapira Brothers when they were in their 20s and early 30s: David, Ed, Gary, George and Mose. The beautiful packaging also showcases complimentary nods to the 1930s with vintage paper face and back labels, an Americana color scheme, and a classic navy and gold tax strip to seal the cork. This release is unique to the Heaven Hill Bourbon Experience® and select Kentucky retailers.

Proof: 90 Proof
Age: 5-9 Years Old

Brand Awards & Accolades

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Tasting Notes

  • Color: Golden amber
  • Aroma: Oak, brown sugar, nuttiness
  • Taste: Bright, smooth and sweet at first; transitions to warm oak spices
  • Finish: Butterscotch and oak; the spices linger and some char shows up

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