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Elijah Craig 23-Year-Old Single Barrel

The lower floors of our rickhouses provide slower, gentler aging. There, our Master Distillers sample barrels for multi-layered taste and aroma profiles. Among their findings, they select those that meet their strict nosing and taste criteria to become Elijah Craig 23-Year-Old Single Barrel. This unique Bourbon has endured more than ninety Kentucky seasons, creating a distinctive aroma and taste that’s definitely worth the wait.

Proof: 90 Proof
Age: 23 Years Old

Brand Awards & Accolades

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Tasting Notes

  • Color: Rich, tawny brown
  • Aroma: Fresh, butter popcorn with notes of citrus zest
  • Taste: Toasted honey, cocoa and warm, sweet pipe tobacco
  • Finish: Long, dry and satisfying with a sprig of mint

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