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Larceny Barrel Proof

Larceny Barrel Proof

Larceny Barrel Proof offers a new opportunity to experience our acclaimed wheated Bourbon mashbill in its purest form: non-chill filtered and bottled at full barrel proof. Released three times per year in January, May, and September, each offering is a bold yet balanced special Small Batch Bourbon rich with depth and distinction. Much like Larceny Small Batch and Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond, Larceny Barrel Proof is a welcome reminder of just how good wheated Bourbons can be.

Proof: Varies by Release

Age: 6-8 Years Old

How to enjoy

Brand Awards & Accolades


Larceny Barrel Proof, our Whisky of the Year, delivers on wheated bourbon’s appeal and then some. It floats across the palate with stunning grace and subtlety, its wheated mashbill a delicate counterpoint to its formidable proof.

David Fleming, Executive Editor Whisky Advocate

Larceny Barrel Proof Tasting notes

Tasting Notes

  • Color: Dark sepia
  • Aroma: Toasted bread, with maple and cinnamon
  • Taste: Rich molasses coats the tongue, with notes of fig and hazelnut
  • Finish: Nuanced flavor fades into lingering warmth

Wheated Bourbon In
Its Purest Form

Larceny Barrel Proof offers Bourbon fans an exciting opportunity to experience Heaven Hill's Wheated Bourbon mashbill in much the same way as our Master Distiller and expert tasting team sample it in the rickhouse. Bottled at full barrel strength, it showcases a truly bold character, richness, and depth of flavor from the years of interaction with the barrel's charred and caramelized oak sugars.


68% Corn


20% Wheat


12% Malted Barley

Wheated Bourbons have gained popularity among connoisseurs in recent years. Heaven Hill's proprietary mashbill has twice as much wheat as other distilleries, producing even more of those soft and round flavors beloved in the style. The higher percentage of wheat is apparent in Whisky Advocate's "Whisky of the Year" review, which notes "it begins with a flurry of sweet bakery aromas: honey bun, angel food cake, and apple pie à la mode."


... a treat worth waiting for.

Whisky Advocate

The Larceny line of Bourbon is the modern heir of our historic wheated mashbill, known behind-the-scenes at our distillery as "O.F.D." or Old Fitzgerald Distillate. The recipe bears the name of Bourbon legend John E. Fitzgerald and his vaunted Old Fitzgerald brand, which was sold to famous whiskey man Pappy Van Winkle before being produced by Heaven Hill. Today the Fitzgerald name—and its reputation—endures.


Quality and Craft at Every
Step of the Process

Of course, the value of such bold American Whiskeys is not simply a higher proof, but access to even more of the character imparted by the barrels as they age in our Kentucky rickhouses. To create an award-winning flavor profile, we leverage our vast diversity of rickhouses to find the exact flavors from different barrels that can be mingled for the perfect taste profile.

Barrels age much differently based on where they are placed in the rickhouse, as well as the temperature and humidity fluctuations they undergo as the seasons change. It’s the job of our Master Distiller and expert tasters to know where the right barrels are aging, and then combine them together to create the perfect amount of smoothness and complexity to complement the higher proof.


Our Barrels

Learn more about the science behind the flavor, color, character, and aroma that Heaven Hill’s barrels impart to our spirits.


Winner of
“Whisky of the Year”

Heaven Hill Distillery is proud to accept Whisky Advocate's "Whisky of the Year" award for Larceny Barrel Proof. Pitted against the best whiskeys in the world and selected in a blind tasting by the best palates in the business, this is one of the highest honors in the world of whiskey.

Our Elijah Craig Rye was also awarded #7 Best Whisky of 2020. Alongside previous wins of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, which won “Whisky of the Year” in 2017, and Heaven Hill Bottled-in-Bond, named #4 in 2019, three of our mashbills have made it into the top ten over the last four years. We're glad to know that industry experts recognize not only the quality of our portfolio, but also the care and consistency we put into our work.


Larceny Barrel Proof Batches

Larceny Barrel Proof will be released multiple times per year. Each batch will vary in proof, and consist of barrels aged six to eight years. A specific batch number will be shown on each bottle.

The first letter of the batch number indicates which of that year's releases the bottle was a part of starting with "A", while the second digit is a number that determines the month of the year the bottle was released. The third and fourth digits indicate the year.

The full list of batches and their respective proofs will be available below upon each release.


Release Date

Batch Number








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Heaven Hill Distillery’s legendary wheated Bourbons are celebrated for their bold yet supremely smooth flavor. Discover a new expression of our award-winning wheated Bourbon mashbill.


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